8 Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business

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Business growth depends on a well-crafted marketing strategy. The rise of social media platforms makes business marketing easier than ever. While back in time companies, regardless of their size, spent a fortune to promote themselves today you can do it with minimal spending.
The most popular social media network is Facebook with millions of users and counting. This platform allows you to connect with others and offers numerous opportunities to promote your business and Facebook groups are one of them. How to use Facebook groups for marketing? Here are eight useful suggestions.

  1. Search for groups in your niche

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Marketing through Facebook groups requires finding those that are in your niche, rather than randomly searching and joining any group you see. You’ll achieve better effects if you’re posts and comments are directed to target demographics. For example, if your business is related to technology, then look for tech groups. Join multiple groups, monitor users’ post to analyze the way they think or want from tech-based companies (or any other type of business). If keeping track of multiple groups isn’t practical for you, choose the ones you want to focus on.

  1. Engage, answer questions

Being a member of some Facebook group also means you have to be more active. Feel free to engage and comment on users’ posts and try to answer questions they post in the group. This shows you’re willing to connect with others and demonstrates your expertise. It’s always good to become known inside the group as a knowledgeable person which is only a good thing for your marketing effort.

  1. Carry out a survey

In order to grow, business has to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Did you know you can combine this process of identifying positives and negatives with marketing in groups? Yes, and it’s very easy – just carry out a survey. You can create a survey and post a link asking others to spare a few minutes and answer simple questions. Another useful thing you can do is to create a poll in the group. Successful marketing is the one that establishes a connection between the business (company or individual) with target demographics. Knowing their voices are heard or that they play a big role in the business decisions makes other people feel appreciated. When someone feels valued, that person also values what you do.

  1. Follow the rules regarding promotion

Everything you do is a form of promotion when you do it wisely (answering questions, engaging, surveys). Groups you join have different rules regarding promotion of businesses or posting links for products or services. Try to follow those rules. For example, if a group has the rule that Monday is promo day, then post links and other promo stuff on that day only.

  1. Support others

You don’t really want to be that person who wants to promote his/her business but doesn’t support others who also use Facebook groups for marketing. Be supportive! Visit someone else’s website, compliment them, reciprocate. That way, it will be easier for someone to visit your website, share content and boost traffic (generate leads along the way) when they know you take time to read their content and support them as well.

  1. Create a group

Besides joining groups, you should also consider creating your own. Use the newly created group to promote your business, offer help to the members and try to answer their questions about anything related to your niche or company itself. Make sure you regularly post in the group and encourage others to do so. Don’t ignore your group for days and return to see what’s up.

  1. Reward the biggest fans and most active users

People like to be appreciated and valued, it’s a well-known thing. A relationship between a customer and business is pivotal to business success. You can use your group to reward loyal fans of your company and most active users too. This will inspire others to be more active and invite their friends and family members into your group. For example, you can give out free samples or invite them to some special event organized by your company. As a result, members won’t feel like they’re just so you can promote your business.

  1. Communicate with your team

Benefits of Facebook groups to marketing efforts also extend to communication with your team. This is particularly important if you have multiple departments at different locations or you don’t get to see all of them at the same time. You can create a special group (usually secret or closed) where you’ll trade experiences, create a new marketing strategy, and carry out other important conversations easily. Groups also allow you to share photos and files that will be available to all members. That way, all of you will be on the same page.


Facebook offers a number of opportunities for business promotion. Groups are usually overlooked, but extremely important. You can join or create your own groups, help others, promote your business, and establish a strong presence all of which are important factors for marketing success.

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