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Top 5 Blogs to Learn about SEO

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With virtually every business and jack and Jill moving online the internet has opened up and it keeps evolving. I took it upon myself to learn SEO when it was relatively in its infancy. SEO is strategically keywords to improve the search appearance on the web.
Learn SEO
To learn SEO it is relevant to also keep up with SEO blogs of like-minded professionals because they are a valuable resource to keep you in sync the ever evolving trends in the SEO sector. A quick search for SEO learning blogs returns about thirty-nine million returns on Google search today. And that got me pondering where anyone starts if they ever wanted to learn SEO.

Google Blog

To learn SEO you need to understand how search engines work and the relationship and influence of keywords on the algorithms that govern search engines.

Google Blog
Google is one of the biggest internet companies to date and they have set the bar for search engines. Google blog might be technical at first for a newbie but has vast resources to introduce yourself to SEO. They pioneered search engines after all and they always have something really useful on their blogs.


To pick the rest of the blogs to learn SEO I had to look around hard and came up with a system to compare blogs. For my second site I picked up The Moz Blog, the reason being that the information is arranged and easy to access.
Moz Blog
The context of SEO is witty, simple and fun, with contributors from across a broad spectrum of seasoned professionals in SEO. The other advantage point of the Moz’s blog is that when I searched SEO learn, it came out the top of my search meaning they have mastered the art of SEO themselves.

Search Engine Journal

Third on my list will be with no doubt search-engine Journal by virtue of the simplicity and vast content of the articles I found here. The community is great and the contributor is experienced in this field.
There are literally over two thousand articles pertaining to learning SEO and I found the number of articles in there really useful. The community is simple and they are always keen to share.


The three blogs above will teach SEO basics you need to know, and they will introduce some tools that will make your learning life easier.
wordtracker blog
The fourth on my list for the top five SEO learning blogs has to be Wordtracker mainly because they have been around a long time before all of us got interested in SEO. Their tool is one of the best in business to help you develop keywords. Without keywords, there is no SEO.


When you learn there is a need to have a yard stick to measure your progress, now that the above blogs have introduced you to SEO and well sooner or later you have to present key performance indicator. Kissmetrics is a tool that simplifies the numbers side to SEO.
kissmetrics Blog
Their blog does come up with hints and topics that build your craft. You have to be able to measure what you are doing and this blog you will learn the necessary basic of tweaking and dealing with SEO metrics.

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