How to Increase Your Search Traffic Using Google Search Console [Just in 4 Steps]

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Don’t you wish Google just told you how to get more search traffic well they do, I’m Sobahadur Gurung and today I’m going to teach you how to get more organic traffic using Google search console.

Step #1

The first thing I want you to do is login to your search console and click on the search analytics.  You will end up seeing your traffic stats the way Google sees.

Next click on pages when you click on pages you get a list of all the pages that are driving you search traffic right in order from the most popular to the least popular.

Click on a URL page that you want to increase the search traffic for and you’ll get a list of the traffic that’s just for that one page.

In the last click on Queries and then you’ll see a list of all the keywords that drive search traffic to that page.

See Video Tutorial for more info:

Step #2

Keywords Placement
Now that you have the list of right keywords the second step you need to do is go into the blog post or web page that’s getting all that search traffic and integrate those keywords within the content. You can’t just stuff your article or your web page with these new keywords, make it more detailed and naturally place all these new and main keywords, if it’s not natural you won’t do well & people will see that you’re just stuffing keywords. They’re going to bounce right off your webpage and it’s going to hurt you

Step #3

The third thing you have to do is also add those keywords or at least the main ones within your meta description and your title tag, that’s the way Google knows the main keywords you’re trying to focus on.

Step #4
Google search console
last but not the least ping the updated page URL to Google with help of Google search console, it tells Google “hey crawl this page because it’s updated and update the search results with this new udpated page”.

Once you do that, within a week or two weeks you should see an increase in search traffic. I will assure you if you do above steps with all of your popular pages you’ll get more search traffic.

What are you thinking? Go and apply this technique to your website now 🙂 If have any questions , comments section is all yours 🙂

Good day !


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