Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

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If your website was designed a few years ago or even longer, chances are, there are few things that you need to remove immediately to optimize the website content, performance and increasing website traffic. There are various things that you can add to your website but some of them are bad. Following are the things you need to remove from your website as soon as possible for getting and increasing the right online traffic.

1. Vague Headlines 

In some websites we find some of the headlines that are irrelevant to what the visitor is looking for. Everyone visiting a certain website would like to get straight to the point and get the information he/she is looking for.
So to avoid disappointing our visitors by letting them see irrelevant headlines, it is important to remove these vague headlines from our websites.

2. Social Media icons From Headers

Social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Snap chat, etc,are very necessary in any website, but they shouldn’t be placed on the header since they can cause distraction and deviation of the motive of the visitor hence not achieving the main purpose of visiting the website.

Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately social-media-300x171
To avoid all these, remove them from the header and keep them in the footer. Also don’t show the full version of the icon until the visitor moves over the icon.

3. Dates

Mostly dates are put in blog posts for that particular moment and day since the content is being written or placed there at that time.
Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately social-media-300x171
Sometime If visitor find a different date on posts they might tend to think that the content is old and not updated. So let’s remove the dates from the websites so our contents look new and updated to the user.

4. Suggested Videos

Most of Website or blog owners use to Embed YouTube videos on their website or blog posts to elaborate the things more clearly and visually. But have you ever noticed when videos end YouTube may suggest other totally unrelated videos, which can distract your visitors or lead them to leave website.Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately social-media-300x171
To remove these suggested videos;-Uncheck the “show suggested videos” box when you grab the Embedded code from YouTube.

Go to the video on YouTube and click share->Click on Embed->Click on More-> after unchecking the suggested videos you can now use the Embedded code freely in your website or blog posts ?

5. Long Paragraphs 

Top 5 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately social-media-300x171
Most people searching for something in a certain website wouldn’t want to take a long time reading long paragraphs, it would actually make them bored and lose interest in what they were looking for.
It is best to remove this by breaking up the paragraphs and never to write paragraphs longer than 3-4 lines.
Use formatting: – Subheadings – Bolds and italics – Numbered lists and bullet lists – Internal links -Multiple images


Our website represent what we do, people visit our website to get more information about our business. Anything that does not help user to stay in our website should be removed as soon possible ?

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